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    Looking for a fun and rewarding activity? Rooterville is in need of volunteers to help in all areas of the sanctuary. We provide hands-on training for all individuals and groups wanting to offer their time to meet the ongoing needs of our rescued animals. By becoming a volunteer you can help in the following areas:

    • Feeding and Watering
    • Bathing and Grooming
    • Bedding Down the Animals at Night
    • General Gardening Chores
    • General Farm Maintenance
    • Tractor Work and Mowing
    • Vehicle Maintenance
    • Beekeeping
    • Building Maintenance and Cleaning
    • Office Work
    • Marketing and Event Planning
    • Fundraising
    • Clean-up of stalls after feeding and general poop pick-up

    And a lot more!


    Scholarship for volunteers

    This scholarship is open to students who have spent time giving back to their community by volunteering. Deadline for applications is August 1st. For more information please visit the Kaire & Heffernan Community Scholarships for Florida Students website.



    Sign up to be a Volunteer here!