• Tomasina

  • Tomasina was thrown from a truck on the way to slaughter. Instead of being dinner, she is loving her animal friends and roaming free at Rooterville!

    Tomasina the White Turkey is a friend and not food

    Packed tightly in filthy cages with hundreds of other birds, and stacked to the brim on a truck, these turkeys were headed for slaughter when the vehicle took a highway exit too sharply, causing their cages to be thrown onto the road. Dead and injured turkeys lay everywhere until local animal rescue teams came to the scene and scrambled to save anyone they could.

    Only a few survived, and rather than becoming someone’s Thanksgiving meal, Tomasina was able to come to Rooterville to live a long, happy life with plenty of space to roam!  Despite the horrible abuse they experienced before, with good exercise, care, and a regimen of medications to ease the pain of cruel maiming she received, Tomasina is thriving! Tomasina loves to hang out with her chicken and pig friends, and may even come up to you for a friendly chat!  Come meet her today!

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