• Piglet Lulu escaped certain death alone in the streets of Tampa, and found a best friend in our adopted dog, Temple! They just love spending all day together hiking around the sanctuary!

    Temple, a brown and white dog and Lulu, a pink farm pig are best friends

    Temple is an Australian cattle dog.  Lulu is her best friend, a pig!

    Baby Lulu was found wandering the streets in Tampa, Florida.  Tampa SPCA helped her find her way to Rooterville for her second chance at life.  Little Lulu was so small that many of the larger pigs started picking on her, but Temple wouldn’t have that!

    Temple, who was adopted by Rooterville to help keep the sanctuary safe, knew her job right down to her bones.  She saw little Lulu in trouble, and swept over to protect her.

    From then on out, they’ve been happy and inseparable.

    Come see Temple & Lulu walking together all around Rooterville and say “hi” to these best friends!

    Our wonderful farm pigs are very expensive to care for, so please consider sponsoring Lulu’s care for only $50 a month.

    Support Lulu and Temple’s Care here

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