• Stella the farm pig inspired the start of Rooterville

    Stella suffered for years on a factory farm, then a twist of fate brought her to us. With lots of love and freedom at Rooterville, her spirit soared!

    Stella was a breeding sow from a commercial operation, who lived her first five years in a tiny cage, continuously giving birth to piglets who would also endure horrors. After these years of suffering, she likely fell off a truck on the way to slaughter (which happens more often than you’d think).

    Alone, she wandered, emaciated and wounded, into a family’s driveway and collapsed. Stella was on the brink of death, but her luck had finally changed!

    This caring family helped her find her way to Rooterville, one of the only places in Florida that would take a 500-pound pig. Stella suffered permanent partial paralysis from her mistreatment, but with lots of love and freedom, her spirit recovered completely.

    She lived out the rest of her days gleefully playing as a pig should at the sanctuary. While Stella has passed on, she inspired the expansion of Rooterville to take in even more animals who needed a chance.

    Come see her breathtaking memorial garden at Rooterville today! Sponsoring Stella will sponsor her pig friends and the upkeep of her butterfly garden.

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