• Stay at Rooterville

  • For our guests who are traveling from out of town, we have two convenient options to stay right here at Rooterville! Join us for a comfortable bed-and-breakfast style stay, or book our barn for a camp-out! We also have plenty of space to accommodate  RV’s or trailers, perfect for Gator game days!

    Rooterville’s Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast

    Spend extra time and experience the daily cycle of our animals. We offer two quaint rooms and breakfast in the main farmhouse, available at $150 per night.

    Sleep in the Rooterville Barn:

    Your kids will love this! For an up close and personal barnyard experience, you can sleep in our beautiful screened-in, dry barn. The barn has a bathroom, microwave oven, refrigerator and ceiling fans to keep you cool and breezy all night long. Similar to a camping experience, we supply the sleeping cots…you just bring your own towels, mats and bedding. The roosters start crowing at around 2:30 AM so ear plugs might be a good idea as well. We provide coffee, a continental breakfast, and a shower too. Barn stays are available for $50 per person per night for adults and $10 per night for kids. Small group rates are also available.

    EMAIL: visit@rooterville.org with any reservation inquiries.