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  • Rooterville Sanctuary Visits are FREE!

    We love visitors! If you want to come out and see the sanctuary, please schedule a tour below.

    Driving Directions

    Our 30-acre sanctuary has pot-bellied pigs, farm pigs, cows, horses, chickens, turkeys, goats, and more. Come out and make new friends!

    Take a look at our beehives and beautiful butterfly garden, too.


    Tour our barns for the opportunity of a lifetime and meet over 400 friendly animals! You will hear the incredible stories of their lives before they made it to Rooterville.

    Our animals are friendly and approachable.  Pigs love to have their bellies rubbed! You will get the best photos to share with friends and family.  A golf cart is available for anyone who has a walking impairment.

    General tours are free, but we would greatly appreciate a donation of $10 per person or $25 per family to help us feed and care for our wonderful animals. For $20 per person, you can book a tour with our founder, Elaine West


    *Rooterville is holding guided tours for the public every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We offer tours with staff or private tours with our founder Elaine West. If you cannot come for a tour on Friday, Saturday or Sunday please contact visit@rooterville.org or call (386) 661-2287.

    Please schedule a tour here:

    If this scheduling calendar does not work for you, please email visit@rooterville.org or call 386-661-2287 to schedule a tour.