• Sally brings joy to Rooterville Animal Sanctuary

    Sally was brutalized by dogs, but survived after the heroic efforts of Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists. She soon made her way to Rooterville, where a joyous reunion brought tears to everyone’s eyes!

    Sal Bonanno and hugs his favorite pig Sally at Rooterville

    A grim fate usually awaits a pig when brutally attacked by dogs. Many veterinarians would have taken one look at Sally’s terrible wounds and said there’s no hope, but Dr. Ira Zaslow of Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists started surgery right away. Through his heroic efforts, which made the news, he was able to save her.

    Then, Sal Bonanno at Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists took special interest in Sally as she was slowly recovering in their care. Every day, he fed her, took her for walks, and gave her lots of belly rubs and love. After this month of recovery, they were best friends!

    Once she could leave the vet, they contacted Rooterville, and we were thrilled we had space for Sally!  Once she was settling in, Sal Bonanno missed her so much he drove over 600 miles round trip to visit her in her new home.

    When Sally saw Sal, she grew ecstatic and ran toward him to say an overjoyed hello! Their bond will last a lifetime.  Sal was so moved by this experience, he even decided to never eat pork again.

    We thank Dr. Zaslow and Sal every day for taking care of Sally and many like them! You can be a hero, too.  Donate to help Rooterville save animal lives.

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