• Prissy & Lulu the farm pigs survived the Iowa Floods and found happiness at Rooterville.

    Prissy & Lulu survived a horrific flood that killed over 20,000 pigs. Their trauma runs deep, but at Rooterville they’re finally happy and prospering!

    Prissy and Lulu the pink farm pigs in a field of grass and mud.

    Prissy & Lulu were both breeding sows who lived the first four years of their lives in terrible conditions, having their piglets torn away from them over and over again.  Then, a devastating flood struck Iowa, where they were confined at a factory farm.  The flood killed over 20,000 pigs, but Prissy & Lulu had finally found the mercy they had always needed. They were rescued and taken in by a farm sanctuary in New York.

    In the aftermath of this chaos, Lulu had babies prematurely, and they all died. She fell into a terrible depression that nearly killed her, but they were soon on their way to Rooterville.

    The loving staff and volunteers at Rooterville worked hard to help these sweet, traumatized pigs. The depth of their trauma wasn’t clear until Lulu injured her foot, and staff attempted to immobilize her for treatment.  They placed gates around Lulu, not realizing that this tight space that trapped Lulu tight for treatment would feel to Lulu like the tiny gestation crate she had spent years in.

    Lulu’s eyes went wild with terror, and she suddenly flailed and flailed, squealing and screaming to escape.  In her desperation, Lulu tore the gates right off of their hinges, terrifying those who were trying to help her, who feared she would break her own back struggling against the gates and die. But in her mind, poor Lulu had returned to that terrible breeding crate, trapped and suffering forever.

    Rooterville managed to help her escape, and soothed her, and themselves, after this heart-wrenching experience for everyone. Now they know she can never be in a confined space, no matter what.  And she never will be again.  Instead, she spends her days happily with Prissy!

    Prissy and Lulu are both sponsored by a generous donor. Please consider sponsoring one of Rooterville’s 300 pigs!

    Please donate towards Prissy and Lulu’s care.

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