• Position Statements

  • Position Statement on Using Animals to Test Household Products and Cosmetics
    Rooterville believes that animals should not be used to test household products and cosmetics.

    Position Statement on Dissection
    Rooterville is opposed to the use of animals for dissection. Rooterville believes that more effective teaching methods, such as anatomic models and computer modeling, already exist and should be used instead of animals.

    Position Statement on Fur
    Rooterville is strongly opposed to farming, ranching, trapping, shooting or killing of fur-bearing animals for clothing and accessories.

    Position Statement on Rodeos
    Rooterville is opposed to all rodeo events due to their cruel, painful, stressful and potentially harmful treatment of animals, not only in performance but also in handling, transport and prodding to perform. In addition, Rooterville is opposed to children’s rodeo events such as goat tying, calf riding and sheep riding, which promote inhumane care and disrespect for animals.

    Position Statement on Hunting

    Rooterville is opposed to hunting animals for sport, even if the animals killed in this way are consumed. In cases where wildlife management may be necessary when animal and human interests conflict, strategies should be nonlethal and never include avoidable suffering or distress.
    Rooterville is strongly opposed to the practices of canned hunting and computer-assisted hunting, in which confined wild animals, many of whom have lost their fear of people, are targeted and killed for sport.

    Position Statement on Wild Animals as Pets
    Rooterville does not support the keeping of any wild or exotic animal as a pet. Injured or orphaned wild animals should be cared for by licensed wildlife rehabilitators whose objective is to return the animals to the wild. Pet primates, big cats and reptiles have attacked and seriously injured their guardians as well as unsuspecting neighbors and their pets. Exotic pet owners often find themselves unable to provide their pets with an appropriate living environment that ensures both the health and well-being of the animal and the safety of the community. Rooterville advocates removing such animals to approved sanctuaries.

    Position Statement on Hoarding
    Hoarding may begin as a safe place for a handful of homeless animals, but over time can become an unsanitary environment where animals live without sufficient food, water, exercise and veterinary care. Without intervention, a hoarder typically will continue to take in more animals even when it is beyond his or her means to care for them.
    Rooterville believes that hoarding endangers animals and frequently leads to their death. Therefore, this practice should be treated as a violation of relevant animal cruelty and neglect laws. Rooterville supports laws that would allow for intervention in hoarding cases before animals have deteriorated or died and would provide for the seizure of the animals and for court-ordered counseling for the hoarder.

    Position Statement on Zoos and Aquariums
    Rooterville believes that legitimate zoos and aquariums, with their direct support, scientific research, technological developments and conservation and educational efforts, can contribute to efforts that preserve wild animals in their native habitats. Rooterville believes that strict criteria must be met to ensure humane care for animals who are housed in zoos and aquariums. Rooterville does not support roadside menageries which feature wild and exotic animals in decrepit conditions.