• Leonidas the pig traveled far and wide, but found his home at Rooterville.

    Leonidas was caught traveling alone and put up for auction to be slaughtered. Through a merciful turn of events, he came to Rooterville, where he would love to greet you!

    Leonidas the pig grazing in a lush green field.

    Leonidas had wanderlust. His urge to travel brought little six month old Leonidas far from home, braving starvation, the elements, and predators along the way.  His journey ended when Animal Control captured him.

    Animal Control typically put lost farm pigs, like Leonidas, up for auction, where they often end up bought for slaughter. He was auctioned, but the highest bidder fell in love with the little guy, and she didn’t eat him! She realized, though, that she couldn’t take care of this fast-growing baby, so she called Rooterville. After hearing of his amazing journey, Rooterville welcomed him with open arms!

    Once he arrived, we needed to neuter him right away, for his health and the health of the other pigs.  This is an expensive operation, but another wonderful person stepped in to donate the money for the operation!  With that out of the way, Leonidas got to grow up to be the sweet, loving greeter he is today, joining friends like Babe & Bongo welcoming our visitors at the gate! Come meet our great, friendly traveler, Leonidas, today!

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