• Leo and Larry the goats suffered before coming to Rooterville.

    Larry & Leo were school pets until kids abused them. Now, they’re safe at Rooterville, where there are tasty treats and lots of great visitors to pet them!

    Larry the black goat and Leo the brown goat both live at Rooterville.

    Larry & Leo started their lives as grade school pets.  They were a treat for the kids, who were rewarded with opportunities to go out and pet them and their friend, a pot belly pig named Hamlet.  This great start ended badly for them.  Some older kids broke in and posted a video to Facebook of themselves throwing rocks at the animals as these helpless creatures tried desperately to evade the terrible blows.  The principal decided the animals had to go.

    Now they never have to worry about being abused again, safe and sound at Rooterville, where they get lots of love.  The teachers come and visit them all the time, because these lovable goats leave an impression!

    But beware when you’re moving through the gates, because these smart friends are escape artists!  They love to sneak out and steal delicious peanut hay from the pigs!

    If you’ve never petted a goat, you’re missing out!  Come meet these fuzzy, soft friends today!

    Please consider sponsoring either Leo or Larry $25 per month!

    Make a one-time donation toward Leo and Larry’s care.

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