• Jason is the sole survivor of an illegal slaughter farm.

    Everyone deserves a warm welcome into the world. Unfortunately, Jason didn’t get that chance.

    He was born into an illegal slaughter operation in Miami, Florida, where he and 200 other pigs were being farmed for food. The conditions of the slaughterhouse were awful, and Jason grew up never knowing love or kindness.

    In 2016, Jason was touched by a miracle. The illegal slaughterhouse was shut down, and he and the other 200 pigs were brought to the Palm Beach Animal Care & Control (PBACC). There, for the first time, Jason learned what love and care can be.

    Unfortunately, due to careless practices at the slaughterhouse, every pig but Jason tested positive for pseudo-rabies and had to be humanely euthanized at the shelter. Somehow, Jason was the only pig who did not have pseudo-rabies out of the 200 pigs rescued. After such a cruel beginning, Jason was ready to finally have a place to call home. A kind volunteer, who had been caring for Jason ever since he was rescued, brought him to Rooterville, where he is given unconditional love and care.

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