• Before Rooterville, Holly and Tinsel the cows were left for dead.

    Holly and Tinsel came to us from Farm Sanctuary. They were rescued from an auction where they were both too weak from not being fed for hours and couldn’t stand up so they were put in the dead pile.

    Tinsel and Holly were left for dead before coming to Rooterville.

    Ripped from their loving mothers when slated for auction at just a few days old, these frightened babies were left for dead on the auction floor when they were deemed too small and weak to sell. Rescued by Farm Sanctuary in New York, Tinsel and Holly received the immediate treatment necessary to survive, and ultimately thrive.

    Holly was saved from the miserable life of becoming a dairy cow. Dairy cows are forced to have a calf every year so they continue to produce milk.  They only live 3-5 years in the dairy industry, but could live 30 years in nature. Cows are devastated when their babies are taken away from them. Tinsel was saved from becoming veal on someone’s plate.

    Arriving at Christmas, Tinsel and Holly are now safe and comfortable in their new home here at Rooterville. Two thousand pound Tinsel loves bananas and having his chin scratched and Holly enjoys being his constant companion. These wonderful animals are living reminders of the cruel fate slated for the babies of dairy cows, who are constantly bred to increase their milk production.

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