• Herbert

  • Herbert

    Herbert was orphaned and on the verge of death, but a series of fortunate events brought him to Rooterville, where he frolics with his friends in a safe and loving sanctuary!

    Herbert almost burned to death

    Herbert was a tiny five-pound feral piglet when he was found wandering the riding trails of a small, rural Florida town. Likely orphaned when his mother was shot by a hunter, tiny Herbert was covered with over 200 ticks, riddled with parasites, and desperately dehydrated. He was on the verge of death.

    Herbert’s rescuers rushed him to the vet where intense antibiotic and anti-parasitic treatments saved his precious young life.  That night, a mishap with a hot lamp caused a fire that they thought killed him, but Herbert survived his second brush with death!

    His rescuers realized their laundry room was no place for Herbert, and found him a loving home at Rooterville. Now, this cute, smart, miracle of a piggy is very happy to live out his life playing and frolicking with his friends at our safe and loving sanctuary! Would you like to help orphaned piglets who desperately need a second chance? Please donate or volunteer today!

    Please keep Herbert happy by sponsoring him for $30 per month!

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