• Ginger & Gracie

  • Ginger & Gracie were the last of a litter of puppies, just minutes from being abandoned. Now, they’re everyone’s new best friend at Rooterville!

    Ginger & Gracie were part of a litter of puppies who were going to abandoned after a baseball game, if their owner couldn’t sell them. They were the last, alone in their box, unwanted.

    A friend of Elaine, Rooterville’s founder, realized these puppies were at risk. She bought them and brought them to Rooterville. This fateful decision rescued them from starvation and death all alone at a vacant baseball diamond.

    Ginger & Gracie are the sanctuary bosses and some of its very cuddly ambassadors. They spend their days making sure all of the other animals on the farm stay safe and keep behaving.  They oversee everything, all the workings, and love to ride around with Elaine and her guests in the golf cart!

    Come meet your new best friends!  Ginger & Gracie will love you just as much as you love them!

    Donate toward Ginger and Gracie so they can keep calling the shots here at Rooterville!

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