• Farm Worker

  • Position is open and we are accepting applications at this time!

    Job Type: Full-Time

    Pay: $9/hr

    We are looking for a hard working, animal loving, responsible and dedicated person to provide the absolute best care for the animals at the sanctuary. This is HARD WORK, outdoors in all weather and candidates must be able to lift 50lb bags of feed and 65lb+ bales of hay without difficulty and have no physical limitations.

    This is a tough, physical job but it is very rewarding and enjoyable if you love animals. Prefer someone who is familiar with basic animal health care and knowledge of basic medications.

    Position will include keeping the sanctuary grounds, stalls and buildings clean, neat and organized along with daily care of the nearly 400 animals at the sanctuary. Must be able to catch and help handle/lift animals in excess of 100lbs as well as notice when an animal is sick, injured or not acting right. If you are handing, able to operate a compact tractor and do general repairs, that would be fantastic, but not a job requirement.

    Ideal candidate will be in excellent physical shape, have a positive attitude, be detail oriented, have a sense of urgency and be willing to learn, grow and accept responsibility. Must be able to stay focused, organized and accomplish tasks as directed in an acceptable amount of time (productive). Dependable transportation is required. Please do not apply from our of state or the USA as only local candidates will be considered.

    References and drug testing may be required. Rooterville is a drug and smoke free environment and no meat products are allowed on the property. If you think of farm animals as meat on the hook, this is not the place for you.

    Please send a cover letter telling us why this is the perfect job for you along with a resume and salary requirements to elaine@rooterville.org. Position will be full time and weekends are required. If you do not provide the information requested, you will not receive a response. Thank you for looking and considering a career at Rooterville!