• Before Rooterville, Benny’s sole purpose in life was to become somebody’s dinner.

    He was tortured and traumatized at an illegal slaughter farm, afraid that every new day would be his last. Rooterville offered Benny a second chance.

    Benny the rescued goat in a field of green grass.

    Benny and two of his goat friends were rescued from an illegal slaughter farm in Miami, where the animals were subject to unspeakable tortures and deadly neglect.  Brave volunteers investigating the slaughter farm saved Benny ad the two others, bringing them straight to Rooterville. They were so dehydrated that even after days of intense veterinary care, only Benny survived.  

    Due to the terrible mistreatment he received at the slaughter farm, Benny is scared of most humans. Even five years after his rescue, he still cannot forget the terrors he faced in the first year of his life.

    Despite his fear of people, Benny loves to play with his new friends at Rooterville, loves treats, and never gets tired of all of the delicious grass!

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