• Babe & Bongo

  • Babe and Bongo


    Babe & Bongo escaped their lives of captivity and through the kindness of strangers found their way to a life of bliss welcoming visitors at Rooterville!

    Rescued farm pigs Babe and Bongo side-by-side.

    These two large farm pigs broke free from their captor and wandered right into a vegetarian’s yard. If it had been any other person’s yard, they may have ended up on someone’s dinner table, and most people would’ve chased them away or called animal control. Instead, these kind people called Rooterville, who came to the rescue!

    Babe & Bongo are probably brother and sister by blood, and certainly are in their hearts! We welcomed them into the Rooterville family, and once Babe, the female, was spayed, they both began to have a much calmer, happier life in our great expanses of green!

    Babe & Bongo love their lives at Rooterville!  They spend lots of time together, enjoying lazy days lounging in the sun, dipping in the mud pond, and playing with all of their friends. Every day, they get friendlier and friendlier! They even run up and greet everyone who visits the farm! Come visit and let Babe & Bongo welcome you!

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