• Adopt an Animal

  • Give a rescued animal a second chance.

    "Adopt an Animal" Piglet picture on blue background with Rooterville logo.

    Rooterville is home to over 400 amazing animals — from cats and dogs to cows and chickens. Oh, and pigs, of course! We need your help to give these animals the best possible life.

    With Rooterville’s Adopt an Animal program, you can symbolically adopt an animal and help us with all of their necessities — food, shelter, and health careYou choose what kind of animal you would like to sponsor, and we will match you up with a Rooterville resident. If you want to adopt a specific animal, just let us know!

    All adoptions come with:

    • An adoption certificate
    • color photograph of your animal(s)
    • tour of Rooterville to come and meet your animal
    • Monthly updates on how your animal is doing
    If you choose a Rooterville Rescue Adoption, we will match you with 2 pigs, 2 chickens/roosters, and 1 cow or goat.

    We ask that you make a one-year commitment to sponsoring your animal, in monthly donations. If you would prefer to make an annual or quarterly donation, please contact elaine@rooterville.org

    Sign up now to sponsor one of Rooterville’s amazing animals: https://rooterville.networkforgood.com/projects/46063-adopt-an-animal