• Admiral Fluffy Boots

  • Admiral Fluffy Boots was abandoned in the streets of Jacksonville, Florida. Safe at Rooterville now, he awes us all with us playfulness and cuddliness!

    This adorably fluffy rooster was found wandering the streets of Jacksonville, Florida, hungry and alone.

    It’s likely that he was a pet someone realized they couldn’t keep. In cities that allow hens for laying eggs within city limits, they still don’t allow roosters.  Quiet and cuddly as Admiral Fluffy Boots was, he was still a rooster, which meant he was cast out to fend for himself.

    But he was found by Rooterville!  Now, he spends his days cuddling visitors, riding the pigs, and spending lots of time with his best friend, Chica! Come hug Admiral Fluffy Boots today!

    Please consider sponsoring the Admiral or another one of his rooster friends for just $15 a month!

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