• Address And Driving Directions

  • Rooterville Animal Sanctuary Address:

    5579 Darwood Street
    Melrose, Florida 32666
    Phone: 386.661.2287
    Email: elaine@rooterville.org

    Rooterville Animal Sanctuary Driving Directions:


    We recommend that you navigate to Abilene Baptist Church in Melrose, then follow Rooterville’s driving directions listed below. The address for Abilene Baptist Church is 187 Putnam Loop Road Melrose, FL.

    From the church, turn right onto Bellamy Road (it is dirt) and take your third left at Darwood Street about 1/2 mile down the road. Turn left onto Darwood Street and Rooterville is about 1/2 mile down the winding dirt road. Our entrance gate is clearly marked with our sign, and our gate is not locked – it is just chained.

    If there are 2 large white dogs at the gate, they are friendly but prone to running away – please park away from the gate entrance and walk to the main barn after securing the gate behind you. 

    If no large white dogs are at the gate, you can open the gate and park near the main barn. Please remember to secure the gate behind you.