• The 4th of July is a time to celebrate our country’s freedom. Join Rooterville this Independence Day by celebrating freedom for ALL beings with this all-vegan 4th of July menu. With so many vegan options available, there is no reason not to enjoy a compassionate 4th of July feast!

    Main course:

    From hot dogs to burgers, there is a vegan option available for everyone! Rooterville recommends Field Roast’s Frankfurters, Lightlife’s Smart Dogs, and this recipe for beefy beet burgers.

    Field Roast Frankfurters

    Lightlife Smart Dogs







    Beefy Beat Burgers







    Side Dishes:

    Don’t forget the side dishes! This Dijon Macaroni Salad and this Asian Persuasion Coleslaw are sure to be fan favorites.

    Dijon Macaroni Salad

    Asian Persuasion Coleslaw









    Finish off your vegan feast with these awesome 4th of July desserts. This berry cobbler or this vegan flag cake will be all the rage.

    Vegan Flag Cake

    Seasonal Berry Cobbler










    Make It Your Own

    The best part of 4th of July is celebrating your own traditions. There is a cruelty-free option available for all of your 4th of July favorites, and you won’t miss out on flavor. For a list of 10 vegan July 4th ideas, see this article by VegNews.com. Don’t forget, many of your old 4th of July favorites are already vegan! Fresh corn, watermelon and sweet lemonade are all vegan without making any changes!