• A Note from Elaine: Introducing Jewelry with a Heart

    June 28, 2018 | Blog | Rooterville
  • Supporting things that matter while buying things we love.


    Introducing Jewelry with a Heart

    As the president of a small non-profit organization, I am too familiar with the challenges of fundraising. Rooterville is blessed enough to have loyal donors who give faithfully to help save the animals, but with more animals always needing homes, unexpected repairs and expensive vet visits popping up, sometimes the financial burden of caring for over 400 animals is almost too much to bear. The sad reality is, smaller non-profits like Rooterville operate on shoe string budgets and are always in need of additional funds and trying to allocate scarce resources as best we can.

    By chance, I stumbled upon the mark-up in fine jewelry and I was astounded! Big jewelers price fine jewelry so high that it is completely out of reach for most people, and that has been the industry norm for as long as anyone can remember. That’s where I saw an opportunity to help raise funds for our beautiful sanctuary and amazing animals, all while giving our loyal supporters a great value with high quality fine jewelry and affordable every-day items.With these ideas in mind, I have spent the last few months accumulating breathtaking pieces that are priced well below retail that I think y’all will love!

    We are ready to launch our new online store so you can shop for fun farm animal things, awesome gifts and amazing fine and fashion jewelry ANYTIME! AND, best of all your purchases support something you care about!

    Please share with your friends and family too so they can take advantage of my super shopping skills. I am good at getting a deal! Most of all, I am most interested in raising funds to help support the work we do here at Rooterville, its been my passion for over 15 years now and it means more to me every day.

    For those that don’t know, my role at Rooterville has been completely volunteer, and have never profited from being the president of the sanctuary. I started Rooterville in 2004 as a way to help both animals and people live a long, compassionate life, and like many other sanctuary owners, I have made great personal sacrifices for the sake of the animals. My passions lie in helping people and helping animals, and as the founder of Rooterville Animal Sanctuary, I am thankful to be able to do both. Rooterville educates people on the cruel industry they support when buying meat and dairy products so they can make healthy, compassionate choices that better reflect their core values. At the same time, we give hundreds of rescued animals the life and dignity they deserve.

    So please, let us help you find the perfect gifts, jewelry and fun farm stuff for you and your home at the best prices to add beauty and value to your life. All of our jewelry, unless otherwise noted, is made of natural, authentic gemstones, come with certificates of value or GIA appraisals and have been verified by our local jeweler. We buy all of our jewelry directly from the manufacturer, cutting out the distributor who often takes the largest share of the profit. When you buy from Rooterville, that share goes to help animals in need instead!  That’s the way it should be!

    “Encouraging compassion, inspiring change” that’s our motto that we strive every day to promote. We believe that our simple, everyday choices have a profound impact on the environment, our health and the lives of animals.

    I believe that fine jewelry is an investment that holds or increases in value with time. Quality pieces are not a splurge or extravagance, they are heirlooms that can be passed down in your family. With proper care, precious metals and gems will not rust, tarnish, or fall apart over time. You will feel beautiful inside and out when you wear one of the gorgeous pieces available in our online store.

    Please join me in making this world a better place, one purchase, moment, and life at a time. Thank you for your sincere consideration! We look forward to your support! AND, if you have any ideas, suggestions or special requests, please let us know! We would love your feedback or to find the perfect item just for you!

    God bless!