• Last month, Rooterville said good-bye to our dear friend Socks; It was his time to be released from a body that was failing him. It hurt so badly to say goodbye, but we will always remember his beautiful story.

    Socks was the very first farm pig who made his way to Rooterville. Fourteen years ago, we received a call from Jacksonville Animal Control asking to take in a tiny piglet, and we couldn’t say no. We were expecting a pot-bellied pig or mixture of one. We were in for a surprise! By the time we made it over to rescue Socks, animal control had taken in another piglet, an adorable orphaned piney rooter. She was so attached to Socks, the two refused to separate even for a moment. This unlikely pair came to live with us at Rooterville, and we named them Socks (for his white legs) and Dolly, because she was such a little doll of course! The two were inseparable. Even in his last days, Dolly was right there with her friend Socks.

    Over the years, the pair was joined by Artie the Aardvark, and the three stuck together through thick and thin. Dolly eventually lost her vision, but she knew everything would be okay with her two best buds. Fourteen years is a very long time for any pig to live, and in the most recent years, the adorable trio were prescribed Meloxicam and joint supplements to ease their arthritis. We always knew exactly where to find them for their daily vitamin sandwiches, snuggled together into a half round pipe, their favorite, private spot.

    One day, Socks didn’t join his friends for breakfast, unable to stand. We knew that was a bad sign. Pigs will usually endure just about any amount of pain if food is involved, so when they won’t get up to eat, we know they must be in a lot of pain. We discovered that poor Socks’ ankle was very swollen and we were pretty sure it was fractured.  He was in so much pain that the normally docile guy tried to bite me during a gentle examination of his leg — that was totally unlike our sweet old Socks.

    At that point, our main priority became keeping him comfortable until the vet could humanely release him from this life. Even in his last hours, he still snuggled with Dolly and Artie.

    Now that Socks is gone, I still find myself looking for him to give him his vitamin sandwich before I catch myself. Although losing Socks was a great tragedy, I try to remember that though we miss him here, heaven is a much better place for him. We have been told that Rooterville is a close second to it!

    To the people who are able to offer your generosity to Rooterville – thank you for giving Socks the chance to live a carefree, happy life alongside Dolly and Artie. The animals that Rooterville rescues can count on us to provide them with the best possible care because we have great people we know we can depend on to come through for them.  Thank you for your kindness.


    Dolly (left) & Socks (right)