• Twinkie has a long road ahead of her

    A friend has fallen in love with our fairly new resident, Twinkie. Twinkie came from an abusive home, where they let her grow so fat that she became blind and could barely walk. The friend decided to sponsor Twinkie and be her champion while she is on the road to recovery.

    He came to me with a question. What will happen to Twinkie once she lost her weight? Will she walk around with folds of skin and be scarred for life? For this question, I had more than an answer. I had a living example!

    Lola is sponsored by her very own hero. He saw her true potential and helped her become the pig she is now.

    Beautiful Lola used to be very obese. With love and attention she now looks amazing!

    ‘Have you met Lola yet?’, I asked. No he had not. ‘Well then, you are in for a treat!’. I marched to the Backyard area, where the pigs live that need a little more attention. ‘Here’, I announced, ‘lives Lola. She came to us as an extremely obese pig, who was also blind and had trouble getting around. She has lived here for a little less than 2 years, and she is the living example of what Twinkie could look like.’ I kept him in anticipation as to whether this was good or bad.

    Living proof that change is possible

    I called for Lola, and several pigs perked up. Wilbur, her boyfriend, came running to greet us. I returned his greeting and asked him where Lola was, but he wasn’t very helpful. Finally, I saw a white streak running towards us. She was sleeping on the back porch, and with the fan blowing, she couldn’t hear me calling.

    Happy ears and twinkling eyes meet us as she runs up. A beautiful looking white potbelly looks at us questioningly. She is the perfect weight, and it is hard to tell she was ever obese. The skin flaps that once covered her eyes had shrunk and she can now see again. Her skin that had once held so much fat was tight and smooth looking. A year ago, she wouldn’t have been able to run. Now she can enjoy life as a pig should. Foraging, rooting and playing.

    The friend was relieved to see how well Lola had turned out and felt much better about the future of Twinkie. When he first met her, she never left her igloo. But after several weeks she already started to get around a little. With the proper diet, exercise and a caring champion, she will be the new Lola before we know it.

    Written by Doni, Sanctuary Manager