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    Days at the Sanctuary are like a whirlwind. I make my rounds while I’m followed by a piggy parade, all trying to get a sandwich out of me.

    My alarm goes off. I throw myself into my jeans and a t-shirt that can get really, really, dirty. Normally I make a super healthy delicious vegan smoothie, but since I’m out of bananas, I go for soy milk and cereal. I grab my lunch, throw my husband a kiss, and rush out the door.

    On my way to work I make a pit stop at Publix where we buy fresh and delicious spring mix for our old animals. Forty five minutes later, I arrive at Rooterville at 8:15 am. Julia and Dane have already arrived and have started the morning routine. Monday means it’s recycling day and the recycling lady often comes early. Ron arrives at work and I ask him to help me. Both Dane and Julia wish us good morning, but we’re flying around the Sanctuary gathering recycling containers. We finish the job and now it’s time to catch up with the rest of the team.


    This weekend we had a steer arrive and two pigs that I hadn’t met yet! I have my morning meeting with Elaine and she shows me the tiny piglet that someone left in a dumpster. He’s a bit sassy for his age, but then again he still needs to be neutered! Elaine gives Ron and me a ride to see the new cow Norman. Wow! He looks like he comes straight out of a fairy tale. Beautiful black eyes that look into your soul and beautiful colors. He moos at us and lets us pet him. I bet he’ll be the new celebrity around here.

    Now it’s time to feed all the animals. Julia has got the special needs pigs covered so Dane and I will feed the rest of the animals. Everything goes smoothly and efficiently and all the pigs seem to be in good health.

    Time to make sure all the oldies get their supplements and the pigs with arthritis get their pain medicine. We do this in the form of whole wheat sandwiches that Elaine makes diligently every day. I make my rounds while I’m followed by a piggy parade, all trying to get a sandwich out of me.

    Days at the Sanctuary are like a whirlwind, I make fly sprays for the poor cows who are being terrorized now that the weather is warming up, add sulfur and mineral oil to the pools to fight skin parasites, check up on animals under treatment, restrain a goat with Julia to get a hardy scab off her udder, refresh waters and give Norman his own hay feeder with tasty fresh hay. Meanwhile, the vet comes by for a very sad reason which is unfortunately part of the job. One of our old feral pigs, Rusty, has lost the use of his back legs. He was already having trouble getting around, but now that his back end is completely paralyzed, he can’t do anything anymore. The vet brings him to a deep sleep and he passes peacefully. Rest in peace Rusty, you will always have a place in our hearts.

    After adding the employee hours, it is time to head out. I am supposed to get bread from the bread outlet store near my house on Mondays and the bread sells out fast! It is 5:10 pm and the store closes at 6:00 pm so it is time to get going! Thirty seven loaves of bread later, (yes, we use that much) I am ready to call it a day.

    Written by Doni, Sanctuary Manager